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Elegant and Ethical Jewelry

Elegant and Ethical JewelryElegant and Ethical Jewelry

My Story

I have been making jewelry in Charlottesville, VA for 10 years. I started in my AP art class in high school and continued to hone my craft as an apprentice of Jason McLeod Jewelry during and after college.

In 2015, I dropped out of my engineering program at Colorado State University to pursue my love of jewelry design. I dropped out not because I disliked school, but rather because I needed to follow my heart — I consider myself one of the lucky few who found his purpose early on. I love learning so much, though, that I have spent most of my free time in the last year studying my industry and started the CIC entrepreneur workshop this fall!

This past year, I took the leap to work for myself full time and put all my time and energy into my business, building a brand that represents love. Love for jewelry, but also love for our planet and the humans that make life so beautiful. 

To continue following my journey, connect with me on Instagram @Nathaniel.T.Owens. I’d love to hear from you!


Deb K.

"I found a tourmaline stone at Gem Mountain in NC.  We sifted through buckets of dirt and were lucky enough to find gem-quality pieces.  I kept the cut and faceted stone in my drawer for about 20 years.  It was a special piece and I wanted just the right setting for it.  I wanted something unusual and unique, something that would showcase this beautiful stone.  I like ring settings to be on the big side, but I have very small fingers, so it had to be just right.  Nathaniel got it.  He knew exactly what I was describing and we bounced back ideas on what the ring would look like.  The ring came out so beautiful.  It is one of my favorite pieces and has a very special meaning to me. It was found on a family trip with our now-grown son and holds wonderful memories. Do not hesitate to work with Nathaniel.  He will do your piece justice, just as he did mine. Nathaniel is an extremely talented artist and you will cherish your piece forever." 


Janey G.

"Nathaniel listened to me every step of the way, which was a lot of steps! He was entrusted to make 2 of my engagement rings and my wedding band and knocked it out of the park. I came to him with my mother-in-law’s vintage Tiffany ring that kept breaking and I told Nathaniel that I want to respect the vintage ring but also wanted to make it my own. After only a few meetings, I told him my vision of the new ring using the old diamonds and he created EXACTLY what I wanted; a delicate but sturdy ring that holds a story. He listens but is honest, he will tell you if something isn’t feasible but will also find a way to accomplish your vision. You can’t go wrong picking Nathaniel for your next beautiful piece."


Kayla W.

"My ring is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece by Nathaniel Owens Jewelry. What I mean to say, is that it’s custom made to hold stones from three of my family heirloom rings.

Nathaniel is an amazing designer and jeweler. He assessed the value of the three original rings (My mother's wedding ring from her first marriage, my grandmother's birthstone ring, and my great-grandmother's wedding ring) and told me what he could do for that price. I basically just paid for his craftsmanship and labor. He was totally transparent throughout the process and came up with several designs based on the inspiration pictures I sent him. I can not recommend him enough. He's a small business owner, entrepreneur and excellent jeweler. So if you need a unique piece of jewelry or need to do something creative with your family heirloom jewelry that you never wear, please think of Nathaniel."